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9-The colorful koi drift lazily in the pond,just below the water's surface. 10-These fish are a silent parade of reds and golds and oranges. 11-you can hear the sound of water as it passes over rocks on it's course through the gardens.

1-which sentence should be added after sentence 10 to provide the additional sensory details?
a-I like to look at all of natures's creatures, whether fish, birds, or animals.
b-The park is especially beautiful when many visitors have gone home.
c-The scents of nearby rosemary and eucalyptus embrace you.
d-I have not invited my friend to join me in this quiet place.

2-in dentence 11 wat word wud replace sound to create an onomatopeia

3-in sentence 11 on it's course is best written
a-on its' course
b-on its course
c-on it is course
d- correst as is


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    All are correct! :-)

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