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1.A maximum of 149 students are allowed to be seated in the cafeteria at one time. The school janitor has already placed 8 tables that seat 9 students each. The remaining tables to be placed seat 7 students each. How many of the remaining tables can the janitor place in the cafeteria?

2.Which of the following expressions is equal to 0?

3.Julie went to the Game Mart and purchased 5 used video games, that were all the same price, and 6 memory cards that were $6 each. Her total purchase price was $51. What was the cost of each video game?

4.Mr.Drake bought muffins and drinks for a breakfast meeting. The muffins were sold in packages of 12, and the drinks were sold in packages of 18. What is the smallest number of packages of each item that Mr.Drake could have bought and still have the same number of muffins and drinks?
A.2 packages of muffing, 3 packages of drinks
B.18 packages of muffing, 12 packages of drinks
C.3 packages of muffing, 2 packages of drinks
D.6 packages of muffins 9 packages of drinks

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    Answers are correct. The best way to write the answer to number 3 is $3.00.

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