Chemistry: Please check answers

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Which of the following compounds is an unsaturated hydrocarbon?


The general name for hydrocarbons with at least one triple covalent bond is ____.


What is the name of the smallest alkyne?


Which of the following is true about structural isomers?

Structural isomers have the same molecular formula.

Structural isomers have different physical and chemical properties.

Structural isomers have the same elemental composition.

*all of the above

Alkanes do not have geometric isomers because the carbon atoms in their carbon-carbon bonds are ____.

double bonds
*quite polar
free to rotate

Thank you.

  • Chemistry: Please check answers -

    See your other post above.

  • Chemistry: Please check answers -

    The prefixes cis- and trans- are used to identify _____ isomers.

  • Chemistry: Please check answers -

    Name the 4 isomers of the compound with molecular formular c4h10o

  • Chemistry: Please check answers -

    #1-#4 are correct...#5 is actually FREE TO ROTATE. I just took the test.

  • Chemistry: Please check answers -

    1. Propyne
    2. Alkynes
    3. Ethyne
    4. All of the above
    5. free to rotate

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