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Business math

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The video discusses the requirements of a package to qualify as freight. A package must weigh at least 151 pounds. It must be palletized, stackable, forklift-friendly and shrink-wrapped or banded for stability. The uniform cargo footprint can be no larger than 16 square feet and no taller than 70 inches with a maximum weight for a standard freight package of 2,200 pounds. If you are shipping 6,751 pounds of stackable 8 foot square items with a value of $33,150, does your shipment qualify as freight? If so, how many freight packages would you need? Calculate the actual pounds for each freight package.

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    You can stack the packages 4 to a layer on the pallet. Since you have 6751 pounds, you will need 4 pallets; 3 pallets can carry only 6600 lbs. That leaves exactly 151 lbs for the 4th pallet.

    You don't say how tall the packages are, so I have to assume that 2200 lbs does not involve so many packages that they exceed the stack height.

    The value is irrelevant here.

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