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a cycle company make bicycles, tricycles an unicycles. Last week they made 120 more bicycles than unicycles, and 4 times as many tricycles as unicycles. If they made 75 more bicycles than tricycles, how many unicyles did they make?

I don't understand how to do this, please help

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    just put the words into symbols. If there are
    u unicycles,
    b bicycles, and
    t tricycles,

    b = u+120
    t = 4u
    b = t+75

    Now you can just start substituting and watch the variables get resolved:

    t=4u, so

    b = u+120
    b = 4u+75
    u+120 = 4u+75
    3u = 45
    so, b=u+120=135
    t=4u = 60

    So, they made
    15 unicycles
    135 bicycles
    60 tricycles

    check that the numbers satisfy the original conditions. They do.

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