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Calculus Word Problem

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A farmer wishes to build a fence for 6 adjacent rectangular pens. If there is 600 feet of fencing available, what are the dimensions of each pen that maximizes total pen area?
The image looks like this:

box box box
box box box


If the interior fencing is $3.00 per foot and the perimeter is $5.00 per foot, what are the pen dimensions that minimize cost?

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    assume each pen encloses 200 square feet of area in the 2nd part sorry!

  • Calculus Word Problem -

    part 2:
    if each pen has width x and height y
    you have no room to vary the dimensions. So, I assume the 600 feet of fencing does not apply to part 2. Accordingly,

    cost c = 5(3x+4y)+3(3x+4y)
    = 24x+32y
    = 24x+32(200/x)
    dc/dx = 24 - 6400/x^2
    = 8(3x^2-800)/x^2

    dc/dx = 0 when x = 20√(2/3)

    so, the pens are 20√(2/3) by 10√(3/2)

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