Please Reiny Solve it For me Again! please......

posted by Seth

Solve for the value of x: log5(x-2)+log8(x-4)=Log6(x-1)..For your information that 5,8 and 6 are bases not just multipliers. Thank you.

  1. Steve

    log 5(x-2) + log 8(x-4) = log 6(x-1)
    log [5(x-2)*8(x-4)] = log 6(x-1)

    so, if the logs are =, so are the expressions, and we have

    40(x-2)(x-4) = 6(x-1)
    20(x-2)(x-4) - 3(x-1) = 0
    20x^2 - 123x + 163 = 0

    now just use the quadratic formula to see the solutions. Check to be sure the values are defined in the original expressions.

  2. Seth


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