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Help please!

Write the series in sigma notation.

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    rewrite as
    1/4 + 2/4 + 3/4 + 5/4 + 6/4

    so the general form of the terms are n/4

    ∑ n/4 , where n=1 to 4

    write the "n=1" below the ∑ sign, and 4 above it

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    Hello Reiny,

    Thanks for the help however it's a multiple choice and ther is non like that.

    I have:

    A. 1/4 to the left of the e symbol. 5 on top n=1 on the bottom and n to the right.

    b. 1/4 to the left, 6 on top, n to the right and n=1 on the bottom.

    c. 5 on the top, n=1 on the bottom and to the right n/n+3

    d. 6 on the top. n=1 on the bottom and to the right n/n+3.

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    I obviously can't count to 5, only saw 4 terms, ha ha

    you should have seen that

    how about

    ∑ n/4 , where n=1 to 5
    = (1/4) ∑ n , where n=1 to 5

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