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Can someone please help me with this I am not getting the same answers as the examples in the book.


Determine (A'UB')n(AUB)'

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    A' = {5,6)
    B' = {3,6,7,8}
    (A'UB') = {3,5,6,7,8}

    (AUB)' = {6}

    I don't understand the operator n
    is it supposed to stand for "intersection" ?

    if so, then

    (A'UB') ∩ (AUB)' = {6}

    if not, let me know what the n stands for

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    yeah, u r very correct. n stands for intersection. ans=6

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    yes Reiny it stands for intersection thank your help.

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    f(x)= X2- 6x - 8

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