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A rectangular wire loop of dimensions a×b, with a=3.5 cm and b=4.5 cm, is pulled parallel to side a at a constant speed v=4.3 m/sec into a region where the magnetic field, |B|=0.125 T, is uniform and perpendicular to the loop. The loop enters the magnetic field at time t=0.

(a) Calculate the rate at which the magnetic flux through the loop is changing. Express your answer in Tesla m2/sec.

(b) What is the magnitude of the induced EMF at time t?

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    ℰ=-dΦ/dt=-d( BAcosα )/dt
    ℰ =BA/t= Bab/t=Bb(a/t)=Bbv=
    =0.125•0.045•4.3=0.024 V

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    what is the rate? ._.

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    both a) and b) are 0.024

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