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How do I write the terms of the series and find the sum.

4 summation notaion sign (k+6)^2 where k=1 under the summation sign

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    think of it as a function
    f(k) = (k+6)^2 , and consecutive integers only are used for k starting with k = 1.
    The results obtained are then added.

    so I am assuming you have
    (1+6)^2 + (2+6)^2 + (3+6)^2 + (4+6)^2
    = 49 + 64 + 81 + 100
    = ....

    I am assuming the 4 was written above the sigma sign. It indicates the upper value of k

    In this case, since there are only 4 terms, you would just add up the terms
    If there had been a large number of terms, e.g. k = 46, you would use the sum of an arithmetic series to find the sum

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