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World Geography

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1.An area in which a single culture or cultural trait is dominant is called a ____________.

A. culture

B. cultural landscape <<<<<<<,

C. norm

D. culture region

2.Cultures often develop along with science and ____________.

A. tools <<<<<<<,

B. technology

C. agriculture

D. machines

3.All religions have prayers, rituals, and ____________.

A. Christmas

B. religious holidays

C. special foods <<<<<<<<

D. one god

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    Wow! How do you do it? All of your answers are wrong!

  • World Geography -

    For ques. #2 i have (b) is that correct Ms Sue?

  • World Geography -

    Well that's rude Ms. Sue. She's on this website because she needs help.

  • World Geography -

    Mr sue is a bitter lady

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