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1) A rancher wants to enclose two rectangular areas near a river, one for sheep and one for cattle. There is 240m of fencing available. Express the area of the enclosures as a function of its dimension.

2) A container company is designing on open-top, square-based, rectangular box that will have a volume of 62.5 cm^3 [cubed]. Express the surface area of the box as a function of its width.

3) An apple farm yields an average of 30 bushels of apples per tree when 20 trees are planted on an acre of ground. Each time 1 more tree is planted per acre, the yield decreases 1 bushel per tree due to the extra congestion. Express the total yield as a function of the number of trees planted.

4) Express the area of an equilateral triangle as a function of the length of one side.

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    looks like "homework dumping" or an assignment is due looking at the different types of questions.
    Exactly where are your difficulties?
    What have you got so far?

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    This is for calculus and its a practice assignment. I need a how-to on solving these.

    Each answer must be a function.

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    it would be appreciated

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