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What was the first South American nation to receive independence? (1 point)


My Answer:
1) Argentina

Is this correct?

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    Why did you post this again? Writeacher gave you a definite answer, along with 3 links to that information. What more do you want????

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    *hides behind chair*
    srry I umm well... I was just asking i-if this was correct.. srry...

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    I got 75% It wasn't Argentina or Chile. :(

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    I'm sorry I snapped at you. Writeacher is almost always right.

    However, this time I checked it out myself and found that Paraguay earned its independence in 1811, five years before Argentina. Of your four choices, the answer is Paraguay.


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    Oh, my goodness ... and I checked several websites!! I'm so sorry, Gabby.

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    1.) Haiti (C)
    2.) Miguel Hidalgo (D)
    3.) Paraguay (C)
    4.) were concerned mainly with getting rich and holding power (D)

    Also, Writeacher, it's okay, we all make mistakes sometimes

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    TORIEL is 100% right for U3 L7

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    Toriel is right fro U3L7 but in connexus, we don't question 4 anymore

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    in OCA we do
    100% Toriel

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