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Word box adhere affirm atrocity audition cope deter disquieting empower fluent lag mangle misapprehension optimist prowl stupefy sulky supplement surge trait unscrupulous

1.He is so careless in handling his textbooks that by the end of the term he has practically ____ all of them

2.The Consitution ____ the president to name the people who will fill many of the most important positions int he government

3.As soon as the doors were opened the shoppers eager for the advertised bargains ___ into the store in great waves

4.IF you are having so much trouble with a program of four major courses how do you expect to ____ with a fifth course

5.Do you think that it is possible to become ____ in a foreign language without actually living in a country where it's spoken?

6.Since she has a large family she finds it necessary to ____ her income by working at a second job at night and on weekends

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    7.We were so _____ disquieting by the bad news that for a few moments we just sat there without moving or speaking

    8.In spite of our best efforts collections for the Community Fund this year have ____ far behind last year's figures

    9.As the robber ____ the streets looking for victims he was unaware that undercover police officers were watching his every move

    10.Throughout her long and noble career her outstanding ____ has been her deep love for her fellow human beings

    111.In spite of all his talents he will never gain high public office because so many voters feel that he is ____ and cannot be trusted

    12. Now that the job has been completed I have finally become skillful in hanging the paper so that it ____ firmly to the wall

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    7. Could be either disquieted or stupified.

    They are all right.

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    13.It is hard to be a(n) ___ when nothing works out for you

    14.Naturally we were upset when we received the ____ news that our uncle had been taken to the hospital

    15.On Broadway, ____ that are open to any performer who just walks in off the street are referred to as cattle calls

    16.The witness solemnly ____ that the evidence she was about to give was true

    17. If you think that I would go to a party without being invited you are under a complete ___

    18.The unfavorable weather reports did not ____ us from holding the picnic that we had planned for a long time

    19.When he gets one of those ___ sulky mood he is an unreasonable and unpleasant as a cranky child

    20.Drunken soldiers roamed the streets of the fallen city committing one ___ after another on the terrified population

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    14 and 20 are wrong.

    The others are right.

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    When you said 7 was disquieting or stupified is it stupefy and 20 is disquieting?

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    Wait 7 is stupefy 14 is disquieting and 20 is atrocity?

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    No. 20 is not disquieting.

    You're looking for a word that means a horrifying act.

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    haunted lol idk

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    is the answer for no. 15 is atrocity

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