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Calculate the standard free-energy change for the following reaction at 25 C degrees.

2Au^3+(aq)+3Ni(s) <-- --> 2Au(s)+3Ni^2+(aq)

Ni2+(aq) + 2e¨C ¡ú Ni(s) E=¨C0.26
Au3+(aq) + 3e¨C ¡ú Au(s) E=+1.498

G= ? KJ

Would it be G=1.758?

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    My calculator went out so I can't calculate this. My table gives Ni^2+ ==>Ni as -0.26
    So Ecell = 1.498 + 0.26 = ?
    dG = -nFE = 6*96,485*Ecell

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    I got -1.02*10^6 but it is wrong.

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    Well, I copied your number instead of what I thought it was so Ecell = 1.49 + (-0.26) = ?
    I did this on google and obtained an answer of 717 kJ but you need to go through and clean it up. Especially the number of significant figures. These databases are unforgiving.

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    It is still wrong.

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