7th Grade Social Studies!!

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Quick question-
1) All of the following contributed to the Spanish victory over the Aztecs except
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disease wiped out many of the Aztecs.

native Americans in the region resented paying tribute to the Aztecs.

the Spanish had horses and superior weapons.

the Spanish had more soldiers.

I think it's D but I'm not sure... so is it D or no???

  • 7th Grade Social Studies!! -

    erm.. anyone there???

  • 7th Grade Social Studies!! -

    Yes, it's D.

  • 7th Grade Social Studies!! -

    1.) D
    2.) B
    3.) D
    4.) A

  • 7th Grade Social Studies!! -

    Toriel, 100%

  • 7th Grade Social Studies!! -

    Toriel is right 100%

  • 7th Grade Social Studies!! -


  • 7th Grade Social Studies!! -

    is this for connexus academy too?

  • 7th Grade Social Studies!! -

    i just like the game

  • 7th Grade Social Studies!! -


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