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What would be the carbon containing product in this SN2 reaction?
CH3CH2-O(-) + CH3CH2CH2I ->

Give the major product:

ICH2CH2CH2CH2CH2F (KCN (1 eq)) DMF -->

the KCN is on top of the arrow, while the DMF is below the arrow.

I could really use some help! thanks!

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    CH3CH2-O(-) + CH3CH2CH2I-> CH3CH2OCH2CH2CH3

    DMF is the solvent, so the nucleophile is KCN

    Fluoride is too electronegative to be a good leaving group, so I think this is the product for your reaction.


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    Thank you for helping me out! I am having a tough time in this class and this was a big help

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