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You have two buffer solutions 1) weak acid and its conjugate base 2)weak base and its conjugate acid. Write explicitly ( considering generic formula for acid and base) the equations of neutralization when you:

a) add strong acid and strong base 1)
b) add strong acid or strong base in 2)

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    HA = acid
    A^- = conjugate base

    HA + OH^- ==> H2O + A^-
    A^- + H^+ ==> HA

    You can do the other one.

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    I am trying to do the next one but I am still confused.
    Would the next one simply be HA+OH^- ----> H2O + A^- ?

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    weak base = BH
    conjugate acid = BH2^+

    add strong acid:
    BH + H^+ ==> BH^+

    add strong base:
    BH2^ + OH^- ==> BH + H2O

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