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the function f is defined:
f(x)= x+3 if -2<=x<1
9 if x=1
-x+2 if x>1
a. find the domain
b. locate the intercepts

I am totally lost, can someone please help me with this?

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    f(x0 = x+3 for -2 ≤ x < 1
    f(x) = 9 , for x = 1
    f(x) = -x+2 , for x > 1

    strange graph.

    I see a line segment from (-2,1) to (1,4) with a solid dot at (-2,1) (include the point) and an open dot at (1,4), exclude the point
    The we have the isolated and lonely point (1,9) just sitting there all by itself.
    then a ray starting at (1,1) (open dot, point not included)
    with an x-intercept at (2,0) and dropping down into the fourth quadrant.

    domain: x≥ -2
    y-intercept at (0,3)
    x-intercept at (2,0)

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