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A model rocket is launched from a roof into a large field. The path of the rocket can be modeled by the equation y = 0.04x+ 8.3x + 4.3, where x is the horizontal distance, in meters, from the starting point on the roof and y is the height, in meters, of the rocket above the ground. How far horizontally from its starting point will the rocket land?

208.02 m
416.03 m
0.52 m
208.19 m

What method(s) would you choose to solve the equation? Explain your reasoning.

x2 –6x + 8 = 0

1.Square roots; there is no x-term.

2.Factoring; the equation is easily factored.

3.Quadratic formula, completing the square or graphing; the coefficient of x2-term is 1, but the equation cannot be factored.

4.Quadratic formula, graphing; the equation cannot be factored easily since the numbers are large.

How many real-number solutions does the equation have?

7x2 + 8x + 5 = 0 (1 point)

one solution
two solutions
no solutions
infinitely many solutions

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