3rd grade math

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evan drove into the country for a long weekend. he planned to drive 118 miles on each of 4 days, however his car broke down and he was only able to drive 43 miles on the first day. how many miles per day must he drive to reach his destination.

  1. Ms. Sue

    118 * 4 = 472

    (472 - 43) / 3 = _______

  2. dex


  3. bre

    so it would be 144 cause 472-43=429 next you would divide 429 with 3 so 3 goes into 4 one time so put the 3 there then subtract 4-3=1 then you bring down the 2 and get 12!next thing you do is 3 goes into 12,4 times so you put the 4 next to the 1 and get 14.Your almost done!next thing you do is 3 goes into 14 4 times so you put 12 on the bottom then subtract 12-12=0!Then you bring down the 9 and get 09! 3 goes into 9,3 times so you put another 9 below the first 9 then you subtract so it would be 9-9=0! so 0 left over and the numbers on top would be your answer! Your welcome! :D

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