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Solve the inequality. 0.1(0.1x+0.1) _< -0.8

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    Hint: multiply both sides by 10 and proceed like I showed you in the last one

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    I got the answer x >_ -81, is that correct?

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    looking at all those positive numbers on the left, there is no way the inequality sign could have changed.

    I am assuming your _ < is ≤ ??

    .1(.1x + .1) < -.8
    times 10
    .1x + .1 ≤ -8
    times 10 again
    x + 1 < -80
    x≤ -81

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    Thanks Reiny, you assumed correct, how did you get the line under the greater than sign? You are a very smart and kind woman to have been such a great help, Thanks!

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    I answer most of the questions on a Mac, where I hold down the "option" key as I press the <
    There are combinations of key like that on the PC also, I don't have the list handy right now.
    BTW, I am an old retired guy, not a woman.

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    Sorry Mr. Reiny, I guess I should of figured that out since you are so smart at doing the math problems. I do not have an option key on my windows 7 keyboard but I bet there is another way I can do the underline thing. Thanks Again for taking time out of your day to help us Mathematically Challenged students, God Bless You!

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