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what is the hydronium-ion concentration in a 0.35m solution of NaCO3? For carbonic acid, Ka1=4.2x10^-7 and Ka2=4.8x10^-11. (Kw=1.0x10^-14)

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    I'm sure you mean 0.35M solution. Do you know that 0.35M and 0.35m are not the same? This is a hydrolysis problem.
    ........CO3^2- + HOH ==> HCO3^- + OH^-

    Kb for CO3^- = (Kw/k2 for H2CO3) = (x)(x)/(0.35-x). Substitute and solve for x = (OH^-) an convert to pH.

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    Why is the last step is convert to pH? We are trying to find the hydroxide-ion concentration?not the pH

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    Nvm figured it out

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