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How do you convert "ml" to grams.
1. 135.0ml to grams

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    One, ml, is a measure of volume.

    However grams is a measure of mass.

    There is no conversion any more than between meters and grams.

    If you assume some density, such as that of water, then you can do it.

    For example if water has a density of 10^3 kg/m^3

    and a liter is .001 or 10^-3 m^3
    then a ml is 10^-6 m^3

    (10^-6 m^3/ml)(10^3kg/m^3))(10^3 g/kg)

    = 1 g/ml

    by the way a ml is a cubic centimeter, cc

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    Wait! I'm a bit confused. Let me try and do the problem and you check it for me please?

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    This is the question:
    If 130.943 g of a liquid occupy a space of 135.0 ml, what is the density of the liquid in g/cm3?

    And this is my answer: 0.9699481g/ml
    481 is repeating

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    Now you are correct.

    Except they wanted the answer in g/cm^3.
    Even though 1ml = 1cm^3, answer the question as asked.

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