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Suppose a 24.7 mL sample of helium gas at 25.°C and 1.14 atm is heated to 50°C and compressed to a volume of 14.8 mL. What will be the pressure of the sample?

My teacher got 2.06 atm. pls explain to me how he got this. THANK YOU


    help me plsss. Explain


    Help me pls


    screw him, he's never gonna answer


    Hey man, not funny, don't curse him dude


    i'm not a dude and i didn't even curse. screw is not a curse word


    sorry, i couldn't answer because i was busy. what was your question again?


    (P1V1/T1) = P2V2/T2)
    Don't forget T must be in kelvin.
    Your teacher is correct at 2.06 atm.


    tell me

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