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a cube with 2 in sides is placed on a cube with 3 in sides. then a cube with 1 in sides is placed on the 2 in cube. what is the surface area of the three cube tower?

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    5 sides of the top cube is exposed.

    so we get 1*1 * 5 = 5 in ^2

    the second cube has 4 sides exposed also, so 2^2 * 4 = 16 in ^2, but also it has one side with the cube on top, so we have 4-1 = 3 on that side, so the overall is 19 in ^2

    Then we have for the third cube 5 sides exposed, so we have 3^2 * 5 = 45. We also have the area of the 2in cube on it, so we get 3^2 - 2^2 = 9-4 =5.

    So the overall is 45+5+19+5 = 55+19 =74 if i am not mistaken...

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