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math ALG 2!

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1.)A number decreased by 32 is -58. Find the number.

The number is ____. (Give only the value of the number as your answer.
2.)The product of 14 and n is -28. Write the algebraic equation
3.)A blue bike is $14 less than a red bike. The sum of their prices is $300. How much is the red bike?
4.)Alex is six years older than his sister, Emma. The sum of their ages is 32. How old is Alex?

Alex is ____ years old.
5.)Mrs. Computer is 3 times older than her daughter, Mousy. The sum of their ages is 52. How old is Mousy?

Mousy is ____ years old
6.)Mike is 5 years more than twice as old as Tom. The sum of their ages is 65. How old is Mike?
7.)The sum of three consecutive integers is 108. Which equation would be used to solve this word problem? (HINT: The equation has been simplified some...)

3x + 3 = 108
3x = 108
3(x+3) = 108
3x + 1 = 108

  • math ALG 2! -

    #7 is badly written
    If x is the smallest number, then
    x + (x+1) + (x+2) = 3x+3 = 108

    If is the middle number, then
    (x-1) + x + (x+1) = 3x = 108

    In no case are the other two choices valid.

    For the others, just put the words into symbols and solve. For example,

    #6: m = 5+2t, so

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