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I have an average of 66.67 i need a 70percent to pass the class, what do i need to get on thenext test?

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    We need to know the total points including those for the next test.

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    Your question is not quite complete.

    How many tests gave you that 66.67 average ?

    Suppose it was only one test, then you need x on the next so that
    (x+66.67)/2 =70
    x+66.67 = 140
    x = 73.33

    If your 66.67 was the average of 5 tests, then if x is your 6th test
    (x + 5(66.67)/6 = 70
    x + 333.35 = 420
    x = 86.65

    Can you see the problem with your question ?

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