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When conducting a performance appraisal, it's important for the supervisor to

A. provide only positive feedback no matter what the actual performance has been.

B. avoid addressing employee concerns until after the appraisal has been signed by the employer.

C. make sure the employee realizes that his or her viewpoint is the only one that counts.

D. provide specific information and factual data to support viewpoints and ratings.

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    A, B, and C are ridiculous.

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    That is what I thought, but when I was looking over my previous answer for this exam, the I have had 4 answers with the Letter D. I was very unsure! :/

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    Last one:

    Among the following employees, a person who _______ would most likely succeed as a telecommuter.

    A. has difficulty separating work and family
    B. has a hard time prioritizing work tasks
    C. is very motivated and independent
    D. is very outgoing and social

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    What do you think?

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    My reading knowledge would choose A.
    However - if seperating from work and family, how would a telecommuter succeed if they are having trouble.

    Then, I thought about C.
    Because they obviously can separate work and hom because they are motivated and independent.

    At this point, I am confused.

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    telecommuting has its advantages and
    disadvantages. It eliminates the hassle of driving to work in
    inclement weather or heavy traffic as well as the chore of
    finding a parking place. Some employees report that they
    get more work done at home, while others struggle to work
    around family demands. Some say they love being able to
    make their own hours; others state that without the “9 to 5”
    structure, they feel lost. Some love the solitude they can find
    at home; others complain of feeling isolated. In each case, it
    depends on the employee’s preferences and personality.

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    It's definitely C.

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    Thank you! :)

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    You're welcome.

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