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A solution is 5.0× 10–5 M in each of these ions: Ag , SO42–, Cl–, CO32– Which precipitate will form?

Ag2SO4 (Ksp = 1.12× 10–5)
AgCl (Ksp = 1.77× 10–10)
Ag2CO3 (Ksp = 8.46× 10–12)

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    Calculate Qsp for each salt and compare with Ksp.
    For example, Qsp for AgCl = (5E-5)(5E-5) = 25E-10 = 2.5E-9.
    Ksp = 1.77E-10 which is SMALLER than Qsp so AgCl will ppt. Remember the Ksp can't be exceeded. It the ion product IS exceeded, a ppt occurs.

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    AgCl (Ksp = 1.77× 10–10)

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    Its AgCl can confirm

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    AgCl is the answer.

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    Definitely AgCl

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