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Could you please check the grammar in the following sentences? Thank you very much in advance.

1.I had just turned off the light to go to sleep and I was dozing off when I felt/experienced the greatest fear in my life
2.He had tried to get in touch with Sam when he arrived in Edinburgh but he had moved
3.They should have informed you that the meeting would be at 12 am instead of (and not?) at 11 am
4.She could have been with Mark the night of the murder.
5.If I could talk to a reporter, I would tell him about the industrial revolution
6.If Clive hadn’t helped me with the translation, I would have never finished it
7.They could have got lost but they managed to find the right way at the end

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    1. A comma is needed between the two independent clauses.

    2. A comma is needed between the two independent clauses.

    3. OK. Either word choice works.

    4. OK.

    5. OK

    6. OK

    7. A comma is needed between the two independent clauses. Also the verb should be "gotten."

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