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Physics 11th Grade "HEAT' 2

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1) Emily is testing her baby's bath water and finds that is too cold,so she adds some hot water from kettle on the stove. If Emily adds 2.00 kg of water at 80.0 degree celcius to 20.0 kg of bath water at 27.0 degree celcius , what is the final temperature of the bath water?

2) Finishing his ginger ale, Ramesh stands at party holding his insulated foam cup that has nothing in it but 0.100 kg of ice at 0 degree celicus. How much heat must be gained by the ice in order for all of it to melt?

  • Physics 11th Grade -

    T=31.8 ℃
    λ= 330000 J/kg
    Q= λm=330000•0.1 =33000 J

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