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I know these really well, but ive tried alot and couldn't get the same answer as the book.!

1-(3x/2) <. 4

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    If 1-(3x/2) <. 4 mean :

    1 - ( 3 x / 2 ) < 0.4 then Subtract 1 to both sides

    1 - ( 3 x / 2 ) - 1 < 0.4 - 1

    - 3 x / 2 < - 0.6 Multiply both sides by 2

    - 3 x < - 1.2 Divide both sides by - 3



    When you multiply or divide inequality with negative number, you must change the direction of the inequality.

    x > - 1.2 / - 3

    x > 0.4

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