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Which test should be used one samples t test, independent samples t test or dependent samples t test and how to set up the hypothesis

An educational psychologist was interested in whether using a student’s own name in a story affected children’s attention span while reading. Six children were randomly assigned to read a story under ordinary conditions (using names like Dick and Jane). Five other children read versions of the same story, but with each child’s own name substituted for one of the children in the story. The researcher kept a careful measure of how long it took each child to read the story. Results are shown below with longer times indicative of shorter attention spans. Using a two-tailed test, determine whether including the child’s name made a difference in attention span.

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    You can see that you have two samples here so you will do either an indep or dep. test.

    We usually use a dependent test if we are using twins or triples, married couples or if we repeat the test with the same students and using a different criteria. That did not happen here.

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    So this one I will run and independent test and my hypothesis will be set as what

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    It depends on your book

    It can be set up as

    Ho: mu1 = mu 2

    Ha: mu1 does not equal mu2

    or other books write it as:

    Ho: mu1 - mu2 = 0
    Ha: mu1 - mu2 does not = 0

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