Physics 11th grade 3

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1) A box with a mass of 17 kg is moving at a velocity of 3.75 m/s. If the box was pushed with a force of 75 N how far did it go?
2) Calculate the momentum for a 0.18 kg rifle bullet traveling 369 m/s.
3) What is the impulse needed to stop the bullet?
4)Ice has a specific heat of 2060 J/kg K. How much heat must be absorbed by 2.0 kg ice at-20.0 degree Celsius to raise it up to 0.0 degree celsius, before any melting actually takes place?

  • Physics 11th grade 3 -

    F=ma =>
    a=F/m = 75/17 = 4.4 m/s²
    s=v²/2a=3.75²/2•4.4=1.6 m
    p= mv=0.18•3.75 =...
    3) Impulse =mv=0.18•3.75 =...

    4) Q=mcΔT=2•2060•20 = ...

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