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I cant figure this out! Can someone please tell me were my mistake is?? :)

- a man is 3 times as old as his son. In 11 years time he will be twice as old as his son will be.
Let s represent sons age in years now

I did: present man: 3s son: s
In 11 years man: 2(s+11). Son: s+11

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    I tried alot and finally got the answer :) thanks anyways

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    I always found that these are easy when the information is restated in different cases

    son's age --- x
    man' age ---- 3x

    in 11 years from now:
    son's age = x+11
    man's age = 3x+11

    it said, at that time the man is twice as old as his son
    3x+11 = 2(x+11)
    3x + 11 = 2x + 22
    x = 11

    The son is now 11, and the man is now 33

    now son is 11, man is 33
    in 11 years:
    son is 22 , man is 44
    is the man twice as old as his son at that time ?

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    A man is four times as old as his son. In 6 years he will be three times as old. The son present age is what?

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