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College Algebra

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Consider only the discriminant, b2 - 4ac, to determine whether one real-number solution, two different real-number solutions, or two different imaginary-number solutions. 2x2 = -2 -5

Thank you

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    Are you missing an x?

    2x^2 + 2x + 5 = 0

    a = 2
    c = 5

    If your answer = 0 then there is only 1 real number solution.

    If your answer = any positive number you will have two real solutions

    If your answer = any negative number you will have two imaginary solutions.

    All of the above happens because in the quadratic equation you take +/- the square root of b^2-4ac

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    What is the commutative law of addition to find an expressoon equivalent to 5m + 9n

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