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Based on data from 1993 to 2000, the rate of change in the annual per capita personal income in New Mexico may be modeled by

R(t)= 8.45t2 + 45.94t + 723.00 dollars per person per year, where t is the number of years since the end of 1993.
(Source: Modeled from Bureau of Economic Analysis data.)

Calculate and interpret the meaning of

∫5(8.45t^2+ 45.94t+723)dt

How in the world is this calculate ?

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    First you are Mike, then John, now Paulie. Trying to confuse me?

    d income/dt = 8.45 t^2 + 45.94 t + 723
    so total income made per capita from year end 1994 to end of 1998 (begin 1999) is
    integral of that from 1 to 5

    = 2.817 t^3 + 22.97 t^2 + 723 t
    at t = 5
    then subtract at t = 1

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