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two systems of equations are giving below for each system choosethe best description of its solution if applicable give solution
-x-4y= -8

choose which one this problem fit in

1)the system has no solution
2) the system has a unique solution (x,y)=
or the system has a infinitely many solutions they must satisfy the following equation: y=

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    x = 8 - 4y

    8 - 4y - 4y = -8

    -8y = -16

    y = 2

    -x-4y= -8

    -x -8 = -8

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    for some reason when I am adding the two equations, I am getting 0 = 0. This is a true statement which means that there is an infinite number of solutions. Any x,y pair that works in one will work in the other.

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    You're right, Dr. Jane. I hadn't intended to post my answer -- but I guess my finger slipped.

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