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Why was the Immigration and Nationality Act of 1965 necessary?
A.The legislation setting immigration policy had expired.
B.Too many immigrants were coming to the United States each year.
C.Existing American immigration policies were discriminatory.
D.The United States did not have enough workers to support industry.
I think it is B or D....leaning towards D....?

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    Well to many immigrants were coming to the U.S. and our policies changed to be more discriminatory.

    So how do I pick one

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    Read the Wikipedia article and your text carefully. The answer is obvious.


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    I don't mean to ....I really think it is B. From the article it states how many immigrants were coming over (ALOT) and we started picking who could and couldn't come into the U.S. So I don't feel it is a guess to say in a way that they are both right.

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    It is not B.

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    Ms. Sue between the article and my book they both make statements about B and C ...what makes C more right than B? I know they talk about discriminatory ways but you have to admit that they talk alot about way too many immigrants coming over also...right? But I get that the answer is C...

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    The legislation got rid of the national preferences for Europeans. It gave Asians, Africans, and South Americans better chances of immigrating to the States.

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    so its c

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