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Physics II

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A 51.0 g sample of a conducting material is all that is available. The resistivity of the material is measured to be 12 10-8 ยท m, and the density is 7.67 g/cm3. The material is to be shaped into a solid cylindrical wire that has a total resistance of 1.5 .

What length of wire is required?

What must be the diameter of the wire?

  • Physics II -

    Is the 12*10^-8 resistivity in units of ohm-cm and the wire resistance in ohms? You have omitted some symbols.

  • Physics II -

    The 12*10^-8 is in ohm-m, and the wire resistance is in ohms. I copy pasted the question from "WebAssign" so I guess the symbol for ohms did not transfer over.

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