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The area of a rectangle is shown below
The area of the rectangle is 56
Which of the following are possible values for the length and width of the rectangle?
A.length=6cm and width=9cm
B.length=7cm and width=8cm
C.length=14cm and width=14cm
D.Length=28cm and width=28cm

What is the area and perimeter of this square if 1 side is 6 yards?
Perimeter is 24
Area is 46

Which equation could be used to find C the circumference of circles using r the radius of a circle?

radius,r Circumference c
4 24
7 42
10 60


  1. Ms. Sue

    The first is right.

    The area of the square is wrong.

    Sorry -- but I don't understand the last problem.

  2. Jerald

    I meant 36, sorry.

  3. Afeez

    Area of square =36

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