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The Wilson family is at it again.. they are installing new carpet for their home. Their rectangular shaped living room is 25 feet long and 18 feet wide. THeir rectangular shaped game room is 4 feet shorter in both length and width of their living room. What is the area of the Wilson's family game room?

This circle has a radius of 8 What is the area of this circle?

Which formula is the best choice for calculating the perimeter of a rectangle?
B.p=2(L)x w

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    Your first answer is correct.

    None of my answers match your choices in the second problem.

    Your third answer is wrong.

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    Pi only means 3 for us. Not any of the other numbers if that helps.

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    Because I thought the formula for an area of a circle is π(r)^2

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    OK. If you're using 3 for pi, then your answer is right. Most people use 3.14 for pi.

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