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Read the following excerpt from “and sometimes i hear this song in my head.”

"and our tongues keep remembering the rhythm
of the words we forgot
swaying on the backs of buses
and in hot kitchens
in pool halls and shared bathrooms
yeah/we carving a heartspace
and staring down the darkness some call our future"

How does visualizing the images in theses lines help you understand the conditions of the lives of the people Jacobs is describing? (1 point)

A. They are all bustling and hot places.
B. They are all crowded and uncomfortable places.
C. They are all dark and mysterious
D. They are all dirty and energetic places.

I think the answer is either A or B...but I think mostly B. What do you think?? Thank you~!!

  • Poetry?? -

    I agree with B.

  • Poetry?? -

    Choose the option that corrects the sentence below. If the sentence is correct, select “d. The sentence is correct.”

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