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if f(x) =x+3/7 and g(x) =4+5x find (gof) (x)

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    Replace the x is the f(x) by the values for g(x)

    for the x is the f(x) you would write 4 + 5x + 3/7

    I don't know if the problem is

    (x+3) all divided by 7

    or if it is x added to 3/7

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    (g◦f)(x) = g(f(x))

    g(x) = 4+5x, so
    g(f) = 4 + 5f
    = 4+5(x+3/7)
    and we are back to Dr. Jane's question

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    Yes it is (x+3) all divided by 7

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