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which test to use One-sample or independent samples t-test?

A researcher tests five individuals who have seen paid political ads about a particular issue. These individuals take a multiple-choice test about the issue in which people in general (who know nothing about the issue) usually get 40 questions correct. The number correct for these five individuals was 48, 41, 40, 51, 50. Using a .05, one-tailed test, do people who see the ads do better on this test?

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    I would use 1 sample here because we aren't comparing differences based on any other quality (i.e. gender)

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    so I will found my mean for this set by adding up all the data points and divide by 5

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    Yes, you will need the mean and the standard deviation of the data.

    then conduct a one-tail test by comparing your mean to the mean of 40 given.

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