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I left my textbook in my locker...again. sorry
If u can find me a website to help me...great...if u can answer them...even better!!

1. Would shipping be easier to block in the gibralter or bosporus strait? Why?

2.what countries rely on the strait of hormuz to ship their oil?

3. Why would russia want control of the bosporus strait? is the suez canal different from the straits in this area of the world?

5.why is the suez canal important to isreal? was the strait of hormuz important to the countries involved in the persian gulf war?

7. Why has the dardanelles strait been important throughout history?


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    Why don't you try to look up the textbook online for that just go on google and type in what your textbook name is and try it! And TELL ME IF IT WORKS OR NOT!!!

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    You should get a clear picture of each of these straits by adding map to your search term.

    For instance, here are maps for the Bosporous Strait and the Strait of Gibraltar.

    It's clear from these maps that the Bosporous is narrower and therefore easier to block.

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    1. I think it would be easier in Bosphorus first because Turkey is on both sides of the strait. Second because so many countries use Gibralter to get in and out of the Med.

    2. Look at map, Iran, Iraq etc

    3. Because Russia is on the Black Sea which is the other side of the strait from the Med. The Russian Black Sea fleet can not leave the Black Sea for open Ocean any other way. LOOK at MAPS

    4. Suez canal is man made.

    5. Israel is very close to the Med end of the canal and all shipments to and from the Indian Ocean and Persian Gulf go through there.

    6. Heavens, look at that map again. All oil from Iran, Iraq, Kuwait, goes through there.

    7. Europe on one side, Asia on the other. Greeks one one side, Persians on other. Turks on one side, Greeks on the other etc etc etc

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    Hannah i tryed that before and it didn't work. Thank u damon!!!

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    What does question 7s answer mean???

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    Happenings at the Dardanelles boundary between Europe and Asia
    The Persians invaded Greece (Cyrus, Darius)
    The Greeks (Macedonians, Alexander) invaded Persia
    The Turks attacked the Byzantine Empire at Constantinoble. That became the boundary between Orthodox Christian and Islam until finally the Turks took Constantinoble (Istanbul)
    Through the Dardanelles:
    Russian, Greek, Turkish fleets tried forever to control the narrows as we discussed earlier.

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    Leslie -- Damon gave you a very complete answer. Don't you understand it?

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