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I know a man who read to his 5 children every night before they went to bed, and they all could read before entering preschool. Suppose that this were true of all children we could find who were read to every night before going to bed but true of only a few of those who were not read to every night before going to bed? What could we conclude?

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    Sample is too small, and other factors may be present in that family that are not present in typical families. Need more data and replication of process with other families.

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    Nothing. Some kids will choose not to let Mom or dad read to them. Some may take the opportunity and run with it. Reading to them does give them a better chance, but not a garnented chance of being able to read faster. The point is if you just read it's a story, but if you instil in them the value of reading it's better.You must sit the child down and say we're going to read a book. If the child's ask why you must tell them a reason such as it will improve you comprehension skills or your awareness to detail. Once they know the importance they will enjoy it more than being focused on the benefits. That does not mean Mom and Dad can slack. If you what this to succeeded you must read every night. Make reading a priority.

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    which of the following is not a motive for pro social behavior? Egoism, collectivism idealism, principlism

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