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In order to plan for parking and transportation needs at a college, administrators asked students how they got to school. Some came by bus, some came by car and the others used “personal “ transportation – bikes, skateboards, or walked. The following table summarizes the responses:
Male Female
Bus 30 50
Car 37 45
Personal 19 23
What percent of the students take the bus to college?
What percent are male or travel by car?
If a car drives up what is the probability the student is female?

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    Add the Males and Females that take the bus and divide by the total number of students.

    Male or Travel by Car

    Add up all the males and then add in the females that drive by car. Divide by the total number of students.

    If a car drives: Add 37 + 45 to get the total that drive. Then divide 45/that total.

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